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Blind Eye is out on January 1st 2021. You can reserve your copy here!

A duo who are no strangers to Music Festivals UK, and for a very good reason. Having reviewed all of their previous songs for the website I can safely say that I have loved all of it. I honestly do think they are one of the best up-and-coming soul/jazz/pop groups around right now. Their upcoming release, Blind Eye, is coming out on the first day of the new year and is promised by the band to be a little more rock orientated. As usual, join me as I have a listen and see what I think!

Joanne Mather

The band immediately mixes it up and catches me off guard, opening on an awesome guitar solo. Backed by some simple acoustic guitar chords it sounds great, almost like some of the slower Red Hot Chili Peppers stuff, think Breaking the Girl or Slow Cheetah. In fact, that vibe continues throughout this whole song. What I also loved about the song is just before the verse, when the solo ends, everything drops out bar an awesome little acoustic guitar run.

It’s a simple yet massively effective way of joining the two parts together. This is another thing that is ever present throughout the song, every part is connected by little sole acoustic guitar parts, sounding great and giving it a real rounded, polished feel to it.

Joanne’s amazing as always vocals kick in in the verse, always a huge highlight of their songs and this one is very much no exception. The power and control over her voice sets her apart from the rest and is a large reason why the duo are going from strength to strength. However, that is not to take away from James at all, who is on fire throughout with this song instrumentally. Heck, a high point in the chorus for me (and not just because I’m a bassist, I promise) is the addition of bass at the end of each line of vocals. It adds so much depth to the song and also adds to the major RHCP vibes.

Have you considered Lytham Festival an event which is growing in popularity, or Reading Festival

Speaking of the chorus, it’s another great one. Suuuper catchy and with just a low enough vocal melody that a crowd could sing along to, this may be one of my favourite chorus’ from the duo. Everything comes together so well in each of the chorus’ to create a really huge sound, especially when some more of the clean lead guitar gets added in in the second two, making it sound like something you can’t help but love.

We get another awesome guitar solo after the second chorus, this time a little longer than the intro. This one also gave me a lot of Mark Knoffler (Dire Straits) vibes, especially towards the end when the acoustic guitar does a few stabs alongside the cymbals and the clean lead guitar joins in, giving it a real epic sound to end things on.

The song heads into an awesome double chorus, everything coming together amazingly. However, the huge, epic ending may be my favourite part of the whole song. In true rock fashion, though not quite as much in modern rock any more, we get a big ending filled with awesome guitar solos and cymbal crashes and multiple big chords, torn straight from a Kiss live set by the feel of it! It was a great addition to the song and something that fit the feel of it all perfectly. There really aren’t many genres these two won’t try and pull off damn well!

Yet again, I LOVED this song. These two have such a talent for combining multiple genres together while keeping it simple and massively catchy and radio friendly. They never fail to impress me and I honestly think these two are going to take off in 2021 and become massive!

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The review by musician, blogger & author – Joe Griffiths

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