Control The Storm – Desire

Date 10th January 2021

Metal Band – Control the Storm

Credit: Stagedive

The band are a melodic metal band from Bristol, England. Having two albums out, 2015’s Beast Inside and 2019’s Forevermore, the band are no strangers to the underground metal world, having played major rock and metal venues and festivals across the country such as Bloodstock and Download. The band are the first I’ve seen to drop new music in 2021, on January the 8th with their single Desire. It is this song I’m going to be reviewing today!

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Opening straight into vocals is always a risky choice, especially when it’s the chorus of the song, but the band pulls it off incredibly right from the offset. The frontwoman has such power in her voice and the harmonies and backing vocals combined with it perfectly to pack a huge, powerful punch straight away. The main riff kicks in, the guitars, bass and drums sounding heavy while the keys/synth gives an awesome higher melody, already making the song sound even more epic than it had at the start. It’s a catchy melody, too.

The synth drops down a little heading into the verse, giving way to the huge, powerful lead vocals. There are some awesome harmonies on some of the lines too, adding even more beauty to the vocals and more depth to the song as a whole. It soon roars into the huge chorus again, this time somehow making it sound even bigger than before with the rest of the band involved too. I know it’s SUPER early in the year but honestly it’s going to be hard to top the greatness of this chorus, it takes catchiness and grandness to a whole new level, up there with some of the best synth metal bands around like Nightwish and Epica.

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Another awesome, harmony-filled verse and chorus follow before an incredible duel guitar solo comes in. Both guys are very good players, the technicality off the charts. I’m sure there are various more melodic bands and songs that I could compare it too, but honestly the one group it felt the most like to me was Avenged Sevenfold, the sheer amount of dueling and harmonising in there one after the other feeling a lot like Zacky and Syn. The solo leads into another huge final chorus before the song ends, the whole thing feeling massively epic.


Overall, this was a great first song of the year for me! I’m a pretty big fan of melodic metal but I really don’t get to listen to it enough so having the chance to with a newer, more local band is awesome. I cannot wait to hear more from these guys, and hopefully this single is leading to a new album in the coming year!

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The review by musician, blogger & author – Joe Griffiths

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