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Continuing on from the start of our weekly interviews last week, this week I got to sit down with the amazing Darla Jade. Join us as we talk about her music, the industry as a whole and get some updates on her plans for the future!

So, first of all, how have you all been coping over the last year now with the whole virus and the seemingly never-ending stream of lockdowns? Has it been tough to keep that similar drive and motivation up or have you found other ways to stay active as an artist and keep from feeling stationary?

It certainly has been difficult as it has for everyone! The motivation for me has very much been in waves – at first I was really down about everything as I was meant to have done my first support slot on a tour in Germany and just watching every single gig for half a year be completely pulled from the diary was tough so I was really gutted. But then I discovered the Facebook lives, which is something I had never done before as I’ve always been a little camera shy in that respect. So once I figured out how to do that and then do all of my writing sessions remotely I did start to pick up motivation! I have just tried my best to keep things moving. I released a fair bit of music last year, so it did certainly keep me busy! And of course wrote tonnes and tonnes more haha! 

What first inspired you all to get into music? Any fun childhood memories about the first time you heard the genre?

I really used to love Kylie Minogue as a kid! Whenever I used to go to my nans house it was either Kylie or Mr Blobby so I used to watch and listen tonnes of Kylie’s music over and over! I also absolutely loved performing and I put on little shows for my family dressed in tea towels haha so my parents took me to do musical theatre from when I was around 4. 

For our readers who maybe haven’t heard of you before, can you tell us a little bit about your sound? What influences do you have and who would you closest liken your music to?

Of course! So I’m an electropop artist and I have electronic undertones through the majority of my music. My music is also in the realm of scandipop/altpop too! Artists that I absolutely love are Sigrid, Aurora, PVRIS, Lennon Stella and I would probably say my music is a mix of all these ahha! 

Given that you are a solo artist yet you have plenty of instrumentation into your tracks behind your vocals, how is it you do that? Do you write and record it all yourself and simply have a backing band live, or do you use the live band to record your tracks too?

So for the recorded music that you hear on Spotify/iTunes etc – this has all been done by a producer. Usually when I’m in the writing process  there is a producer in the room so it’s a collaborative session. Or sometimes I could have written a topline over a basic loop and I send that acapella over to a producer and they add the magic! 

For my live set, I put together a band in my local area (Stoke On Trent) at the beginning of 2020 haha so wasn’t the best time in respect to I literally put the band together and we didn’t even get 1 rehearsal in together before the pandemic hit. We managed to start rehearsing around July time and luckily we managed to perform our first and so far only gig in October – of course socially distanced. 

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Given the mess that is the music industry currently, let’s try and bring some positivity into it. What is your favourite thing about being part of the music industry?

It’s definitely the live element for me, so it has been tough not being able to do that properly. Live music is something that has a completely unique experience and nothing else feels like it to be honest! So much nervous and excited adrenaline! Then you get to meet the coolest people too! 

What do you miss most about performing, given how long it’s been?

My last show was October 2020 but I have been doing some livestreams on Facebook, so it’s been nice that we can do that although it doesn’t feel anywhere near the same. 

Conversely, if you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be and why?

I would definitely say how the industry pays songwriters, as songwriters do soo much on a track but get the least, but without them the song would cease to exist. 

I feel like I always have to ask this now, but if you could have written one song from history, what would it have been?

Oooh such a good question! A hard one to answer! 

I would say “The Earth Song” – Michael Jackson 

It has so much meaning and the lyrics still completely stand for today’s generation and it probably will forever. I would absolutely love to be able to create a timeless song like that! 

Given that you were still managing to release a slew of great singles over the last year during the pandemic, do you have any further plans for the studio in the coming year? A full length album, maybe?

I certainly do! I have my first single from a new project so to say coming out on the 26th March. This will be part of a bigger project but it won’t be an album. An album is a dream of mine, but I would love to grow and develop more before I put out an album. 

And finally, do you have any plans for any gigs in the future? I spotted that you have announced your first gig in a while in Stoke in September, one I shall have to try desperately to get to, but do you have more gigs pencilled in that you could maybe hint at, at all?

I do have other gigs potentially going ahead but it’s all a little to soon to say at the moment I’m afraid. 

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