Dea Matrona – Make you My Star. Review

Dea Matrona are an Northern Irish all-female rock band from Belfast. Formed in 2018, they have already gained a pretty big following from their 2019 EP and single, as well as boasting an impressive back catalogue of gig venues, including the Black Box in Belfast and Whelan’s in Dublin. It was one of these live sets that went viral on twitter, causing them to be signed by none other than Imelda May. Through this new label they released their one and only single of 2020, Make you My Star. I’ll be checking it out today, having never heard their stuff before, so stick around if you wanna hear what I think!

The image is from the bands facebook page, which you can visit here. Dea Matrona

The track starts with a basic but very effective guitar riff, one filled with attitude. Said riff drops out a little through the verses but is still present in a form, some of the notes are simply taken out. While the instrumentation is basic, it is majorly catchy and gives the bassist some room to breath, coming out with some awesome little runs between the vocal lines. It adds some good dynamics into the song and makes some room for the vocals to shine through. Speaking of the vocals, they are very old school, reminding me a lot of Joan Jett back in her earlier Runaways days or even Femme Fatale. We don’t have enough newer old school female punk-rock bands around, so this is a welcome addition! Also, the call and response of ‘come on’ at the end of each verse sounds awesome, just wanted to throw that in there as I thought it was worth mentioning!

It builds up into a great catchy chorus, filled with huge sounding backing vocals that would make it a crowd favourite to sing along to live. The lyrics are simple but oh so effective, being well written and fit in well with the overall attitude and swagger of the song. The drop-out for the last line really emphasises the vocals and allows for another awesome bass fill. So far so damn good for this song!

We get another verse and chorus before the band blast into an awesome little guitar solo. However, with it comes my only complaint of the song: it’s FAR too low in the mix. I wanted to be able to hear the shredding properly and really get the feel and attitude out of it that I felt it would have had, but at times it was really getting lost behind the other instruments. Oh well, guess I’ll just have to go see it live instead! They go into a short bridge before an extended last chorus takes it home. However, just when I thought it was over, we get a Kiss style big finish and a solo that I can actually hear without the Rhythm guitar behind it that sounds really awesome!


Overall, I loved this. It was simple, old school, straight to the point punk rock that felt ripped right out of the 70s in all of the best ways. These women have done a whole lot in such a short time and, honestly, if they keep going like this they will be megastars in a few years, mark my words!

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The review by musician, blogger & author – Joe Griffiths

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