Did Ian Brown call Sir Mick Jagger a NONCE?

Its fair to say that Ian Brown is an artist of principles and belief and given that he doesn’t sing from the hymn sheet of the rest of the industry, makes him distasteful to the compliant population.

Even some of his own fans have called him out on social media, stating that he is doing more harm than good and that he is shilling conspiracy, not quite on the scale that Elon Musk shills crypto currency, having taken the mantle from former social media champion of the crypto currency, John Mc Afee.

It can be argued that speaking out against the system will bring about alienation and outcast the singer, turning the industry against him. Ian already announced he was stepping down from performing live gigs at any venue which endorses the vaccine passport. Again a strong principle to turn down the opportunity to perform live and lose out on income. At this rate he will have to register for Universal Income and attend back to work interviews on a regular basis.

Imagine the interview: So, Ian what have you been doing to look for work. Reply ‘Had a very busy week, Tweeting on twitter. Called an elderly man a nonce got 3.5k likes. Work Coach’ That’s not looking for work ian. Reply I want to go on the sick! :S

The published article relayed on twitter Rolling Stone, which prompted Ian to speak out to his audience.

Should an artist behave with social responsibility?

if the belief of the artist his/her actions are socially responsible and not damaging, then its the right to freedom of expression and respect for the right to express. However, if harm is bestowed and this is where it gets a bit awkward, and enters the realms of slander.
In this peticular case, it could be pure coincidence of the wording but to concoct an irregular sentence of cryptic words, which don’t fit logically ‘NotOnNormalCommunalExcercise’. The capital letters when put together, reads ‘NONCE’ it is somewhat unusual and nonsensical and no doubt coincidence and nothing more.

The tweet in question:

The published article relayed on twitter Rolling Stone, which prompted Ian to speak out to his audience.

Sir Mick Jagger

Sir Mick Jagger, is an ageing rock star at the grand age of 77 who’s had glittering career and success as an artist for several decades, with a global fan base in the millions, In speaking publicly about having had the vaccination, with good intention, the role model for the people of his generation and huge fan base. No doubt he is wanting to calm fears of the anti vaxxer doctrine, which is fuelling debate about the ‘safety of the vaccine’ and its rapid role out. This recent scandal about people dying from blood clots after receiving the vaccine, has been down played by the govt. Boris Johnson is ministers are not really the right people to instil confidence and trust, given the prime minister appears to be nothing more than a compulsive waffler, who makes telling a lie appear to be a normal past time.

Should the vaccine have been more stringently tested and gone through the usual riggers, to bolster public confidence?

If the vaccine went through the standard process, then it would mean further delays in its distribution to the population and longer periods of lockdowns and if one thing has been proved, lockdowns are not healthy for the mindset of the nation!

You can follow Ian Brown on twitter @ianbrown

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