George Michael’s FREEDOM

FREEDOM ’90 turns 30

George Michael himself, describes this his coming out song. At the time he was deeply unhappy, having to suppress that he was a homosexual. Being a creative and what you see is what you get person, George needed to express himself and it was time to lift the lid on his sexuality and be himself. He was also very unhappy with the way the music industry had been treating him and the pressures of fame. Citing that for a while you need it and you court it but when it no longer needs you it turns you off.

This cynicism and pent up frustration were not to deter the video, but what changed, George refused to appear in the video himself and instead elected to have supermodels Naomi Campbell,  Christy TurlingtonCindy Crawford, Tatjana PatitzLinda Evangelista, lyp synch the song. At first the models were not so sure and didn’t seem to keen to appear. Evangelista took some persuading before agreeing to appear in the video, saying, “He thought it would make us into a big deal, that it would be good for us. I was like, ‘Please, we’re here. We’ve already arrived!’ After speaking with George, she was convinced, and rearranged her schedule.

Tributes from celebrity friends were made to the George Michael fb page. Sharon Stone, Mark Ronson, Sam Smith, Kylie Minogue, Mariah Carey, Elton John and many more, paid tribute to the song, its ground breaking video and message.

One thing for certain this song will still have its audience in another 30 years time and the memory of one the most prolific musicians of his time, will live on in the hearts of this generation and a new generation of fans.

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