Covid denier Ian Brown won’t perform at Weekender Festival

Stone Roses front man Ian Brown, is fast becoming notorious for being a covid denier. He often tweets out his feelings on the subject matter and his latest outburst seems to reinforce his die hard belief, stepping down has the Saturday Headliner at iconic festival, NHBD Weekender in Wigan.

One source who is known to the stone roses inner circle told us, ‘Ian is nobody’s fool, he doesn’t believe in this covid nonsense and not for one minute will he go against his beliefs’. This principle of objecting to the vaccination programme is to be admired, though it is in danger of making him an outcast within the industry and could jeopardize future appearances at live events.

Die hard fans of Ian will be left devastated and if they already purchased tickets to the festival, they might be pleased to know that his replacement is a quality act, the band James. Here is a reminder of what will be missed.

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