Interview: Joanne Mather

After our recent review of an EP of Nottingham duo Lady Rose, we thought it would be a good to know a little bit more of this singer with the eloquent voice. We asked, politely of course, if Joanne would be happy to speak with us and she duly obliged.

Joanne: Hi Joe

Thank you for the lovely review of our EP, it’s the first one we’ve had and we were really happy with it. Here are our interview answers.

Q: What first got you into music? Reply: I personally have always had a passion for music, I grew up listening and singing along to all kinds of different styles and genres. James got into music because he heard you got a free pint for performing’.

Q: What was your first big break?  Reply: ‘My arm, at age 6. Other than that, our career highlight was being the main support for the legendary John Otway and we even performed a duet with him on one of his tracks. If that’s not up there with headlining Glastonbury or performing at Wembley, then I don’t know what is!?’

Q: Who would you compare your sound to? Reply: ‘A lot of people say I sound like Amy Winehouse, but I love old soul music and feel a lot of our tracks kind of follow that vibe. We both have so many varying influences from Rock, Soul, Reggae and Blues, I feel our songs tend be a mishmash of different styles and genres’

Q: What do you miss most about performing during these uncertain times? Reply: As much as social media is a great way to connect with our audience around the world, live streams are really not the same as performing at a live gig! It’s great to interact with a crowd and we’ve met so many awesome people through music over the years. It was also our full-time job and only source of income, so that’s a big factor too.

Q: What’s your favourite venue to play?  Reply: We play at so many fantastic places it would be really hard to say, there are just too many to list! We did play at the Nottingham Playhouse once, that was a fantastic venue and it felt amazing to perform in front of such a big audience.

Q: What song of yours do you most enjoy performing live? Reply: Our original song is called “Senorita”. It’s an upbeat song with a Latino vibe and it always gets people up dancing. We haven’t released it as a single yet, but definitely will in the future. You can find a live version of it on our Lady Rose Nottingham YouTube page. Another Song we love to perform is “It’s a Shame” it’s another personal favourite of ours.

Q: What’s your favourite thing about being in the music industry? Reply: That’s a very difficult question to answer given the current situation, but I did really enjoy doing something I love and am passionate about for a living. I also love reaching out to lots of different people through our music. We’ve got over 25,000 followers to our Facebook page from all over the globe. It’s amazing to speak to people from other countries and walks of life that I would never have done had it not been for music.

Q: So, conversely, if you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be? Reply: We’d like there to be an industry. At the minute the number of venues being shut and people losing work is terrible to see. We just hope that things can turn around in the near future and people can still enjoy the great benefits of live music.

Q: Any future places we can expect to see you? Reply: The Job Centre Dole queue, if the majority of 2020’s anything to go by. But once lockdown’s have ended and things are back to some form of normal, we will post a list of venues and dates on our Lady Rose Nottingham Facebook page. Funnily enough in February of this year, we’d managed to fully book the diary out with gigs for the whole of the year for the first time ever and we were confident that we were on for a top-class year! I think I jinxed it. Sorry everyone, my bad!

Q: Also, any plans for future recordings?  Reply: YES! Finally, some good news!! We do have 2 new tracks due out before the end of 2020!! The first track “Pep Talk” is a jazzy number with a real swing blues undertone, it is set for release on all major platforms on the 30th November. Our other track due out before the end of the year is “Blind Eye” which falls more into a Rock category, with a heavy bass line and Guitar solos. We’ve teamed up with Josh Stevens and Steve Smith for these 2 tracks. Josh is a fantastic Double Bass player and usually works with top Nottingham artist Mollie Ralph and Steve is a brilliant drummer who has worked with some top bands in Brighton over the years. We’re hoping with the addition of these two it will help boost our tracks to the next level.

I have also started an exciting new solo project, creating acoustic cover songs for a record label alongside Jim Duguid, a songwriter and producer who has co-written songs with some fantastic artists including Paolo Nutini and Alex Clare. The singles will be ready for release next year under my own name, Joanne Mather. There is plenty of new music on the horizon to keep an eye out for.

Thanks for the interview Joanne, we wish you and Lady Rose every success. Lets hope you can be back to doing what you do best, performing live to an audience in the very near future.

Interview by musician, blogger & author – Joe Griffiths

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