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We managed to sit down and review a single from Late Night Legacy a couple of months ago from their most recent single, Sunny When You’re Gone. I personally loved it and wanted to be able to sit down with the band and have a quick chat in order to get to know them a little better. Obviously that is quite the struggle in these current times, but we managed to get a good back and forth through email and I think we managed to get a couple of juicy titbits for you all alongside some interesting discussion.


So, first of all, how have you all been coping over the last year now with the whole virus and the seemingly never-ending stream of lockdowns? Has it been tough to keep that similar drive and motivation up or have you found other ways to stay active as a band and keep from feeling stationary?

Well on a personal level I’ve actually really enjoyed having more time in the day to do something I’ve always wanted to and learn to tattoo & fall in love with drawing and creating a different art form 🙂 obviously music-wise covid has truly F’d us in the A but we’ve done everything we possibly can to keep moving forward including recording our new single ‘Plastic Hearts’ funded entirely by fan donations which we cannot thank you all enough for ❤🙌 this will be released early April followed by a mid-April music video.

Obviously you’ve recently welcomed a couple of new band members into the fold, has that been an easy transition for you? Has the pandemic made that easier or harder?

Honestly, we couldn’t have had two better lads join team Legacy, musically they are phenomenal and SO IN TUNE with eachother that often they’ll get lost in their own groove so deep that me and Rob will stop playing and just watch them 🤣 and we have such a laugh they were instantly welcomed as brothers to us. The recent lockdown 3.0 has taken away our ability to practise but we’ve been recording ideas and passing them around throughout some ANGRY, HEAVY stuff to come though, safe to say we are venting our frustrations in some of these tracks lol Plastic Hearts is the calm before the storm though for sure.

You also mentioned before the interview that you have a new song that is very close to being released. Is that the only one on the horizon, or should we be expecting more in the near future? An album, maybe?

Hell yeah, once P.Hearts is done we’ll focus all our attention on a 3-5 track EP which will be the new LNL –  gone are the cares, pressures and worrys of pre covid life, we do not give AF who we impress or who might not rate it. These will be tracks WE loved to create. Not for any other reason than it just feels good to tear up a studio with these sounds.

What first inspired you all to get into music? Any fun childhood memories about the first time you heard the genre?

I can only speak for myself but it’s always been a release for me. If any family arguments were booting off I’d barracade my bedroom door and blast Pantera at full volume whilst sneaking a cig out the window, the highlight of the week was to let loose in a mosh pit at the local rock night in Whitehaven civic hall.. I dunno as soon as I picked up a mic in “rock school” with a few of my classmates when I was 15 years old it just felt right man. 

For our readers who maybe haven’t heard of you before, can you tell us a little bit about the band? What influences do you have and who would you closest liken your music to?

 The lads may disagree but I’d say we have the Venom of Frank Carter and the Rattlesnakes with the class of Rival Sons lol if you can imagine what that sounds like 🙂

Given the mess that is the music industry currently, let’s try and bring some positivity into it. What is your favourite thing about being part of the music industry?

Honestly man, it’s the togetherness for me. Spending time with other human beings!!!, that first pint I have as soon as we get off stage is literally the most overwhelming feeling of calm and happiness and gratitude all at once for everyone that came to see us and wants to stick around to chat and have beers with us, and for my fellow band mates that all remembered their parts and played a blinder FULL of energy and joy… man I miss it big time.

What do you miss most about performing, given how long it’s been?

Literally that first pint 🤣 honestly all of it.. any part. Green room banter, stage diving, blasting out power chords at full volume and thrashing a chorus at full speed while shouting out my earthly grievances 🙌 perfection!

Conversely, if you could change one thing about the music industry, what would it be and why?

Maybe just have the big dogs at the top take more risks on new artists?? There is soooo much talent out there that is been totally let down and completely ignored by the industry. Unless a band is willing to pay or already paying enough money to the right person/plugger/producer/gig promoter/booking agent at the exact right time they wont get that 1 x singular play on bbc radio 6 at 11pm on a Sunday… it’s mental mate and making so many amazing musicians just give up. I guess there’s just far too many people on the planet that want to turn their love and passion for music into a career, sadly it’s a hell of a lot harder than I thought it would be but we stay sane and invested by telling ourselves it will all be worth it one day 🤣🙏

I’d also some put a cap on superbands being randomly played on spotify, if you’ve hit a billion streams on a track, leave it there, don’ put it on shuffle into someone’s life, for example, Queen – Another one bites the dust came on my Google dot speaker straight after I played 90’s grunge unsung heroes ‘Smile Empty Soul-Silhouettes” 🤷🏼‍♂️ lol I mean I danced a bit but I was so confused. I’d also maybe ban all the ‘old’ bands who’ve already made it and been around since forever, off of any “breakthrough” playlists on spotify or “new noise” “best new rock” That, to me seems to send the message of brand new kids on the scene with a message  passion, enthusiasm, young creative blood with a new story to tell man. They ain’t even getting close to that playlist because Green Day are on there covering a song from the 80’s 🤯 lol If something doesn’t happen soon Dave Grohl will be 95 and still on the cover of Best New Rock spotify playlist and wheeled on stage to headline Download festival on an acoustic guitar 🤣 don’t get me wrong I love the foos, and would love to see them live but, I think the last superband was the Arctic Monkeys and there’s talks of them being the last one… EVER! But, It’s probably right the way things are going… I love all these bands that I mentioned but if they’re getting in the way of newcomers like ourselves, there’s gonna be trouble *rolls up sleeves* anyway back to the interview and out of this pit of despair 😊 

I feel like I always have to ask this now, but if you could have written one song from history, what would it have been?

Tough one mate, but a very good question! 

Gotta be “Life on Mars –  David Bowie”. Lyrically it’s just beautifully confusing but at the same time it’s just nice to listen to how poetic he was, the words he chose to use, an exploration of pop culture and so sing’a’long-able. Meaning wise I’m not sure exactly what it means but I feel like he’s asking if this is all there is here on earth, this reality for the girl with the mousey hair, where mickey mouse is a cow, a big corporation of money makers with the guise of a harmless childrens cartoon,  is there a better reality up there, Is there Life on maaaaars?!? 

And finally, do you have any plans for any gigs in the future? I know it’s all a little uncertain at the minute but you must have something postponed or pencilled in, right?

Hell Yeah, Friday May 28th The Wardrobe, Leeds. Beautiful venue with sexy mood lighting, tables and chairs and booze all that good stuff. It’s all following social distancing guidelines but we will not be holding back the energy! Bottled up for a year I don’t even know if our hearts are gonna handle this tempo we’ll be coming  out at 🤣 I can safely say I won’t be stage diving though… sadly 😊 


And there we have it folks. Check out their socials from here or the link below, and find more interviews with both artists and festival bookers we have conducted here.

Late Night Legacy also have limited edition hoodies for sale which can be found on their Instagram here: 

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