IWD2021 -Toyah

We’d like to wish you all women a very happy international women’s day, have a blessed day, though we would like to acknowledge one very exceptional woman, Toyah Wilcox, who’s been doing her bit for music and the nation, during this pandemic, with her entertaining videos, released weekly on her YouTube channel.

Toyah was the original punk princess she still looks great and has been performing throughout her career and the energy of 3 people not one, you get the impression she loves life and her career, with the utmost passion and with her other half, musician Robert Fripp, have been making weekly videos for the youtube channel. The weekly segments titled, Toyah and Roberts Sunday Lunch. Each week consists of a short video duration, where toyah gets ever more creative/risque as she performs the song chosen for that week. Here is a cover of Toxic with the #freebritney, a reference of support to Britney and her long suffering plight with her lawyer father, who’s taken over complete control of her finances and life. read more here Cosmopolitan

Toyah’s career has spanned over 40 years. In 1977 she formed a band naming it Toyah and it 1979 the band released the first single, since then, there have been 8 top 40 singles, 20 albums and written two books appeared in over 40 stage plays and 10 feature films, and voiced and presented numerous television shows. The first hit which brought about international recognition for toyah, is the song ‘its a mystery

Toyah is still very active on social media with a youtube channel, facebook and instagram account. We salute you and hope the hundreds of thousands who have been amused and entertained by the weekly shenanigans, give toyah a massive clap one evening at 8.pm for her part in lifting the spirits of social media. LEGEND!

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