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A slightly different one today as I was asked to check this out and review it by an external person, not one of the band members or a fan or even me knowing about it and anticipating its release beforehand. Still, it is a request none the same!

Late Night Legacy are a British Alt rock band formed in Leeds back in 2015. The band have exploded onto the scene in recent years supporting the likes of Reef and even Duran Duran on a stop of their last UK arena tour, as well as playing huge festivals around the country such as Camden Rocks, Kendal Calling and headlining Monmouth Festival. While yet to release an album the band have amassed a great following and some high streaming numbers across their now 6 singles. The latest of these singles, Sunny When You’re Gone, was released earlier this month, with a video that just dropped yesterday. It is this single that I shall be checking out and reviewing today!

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Sunny When You’re Gone

The song immediately starts pretty mellow, with a beautiful guitar chord progression and some simple drums behind it. Already it is a lot slower and more calm than the previous stuff I had heard by the band, definitely more of a ballad. The low, powerful, indie style vocals soon come in over the top of it, bringing it all together perfectly. This had a lot more of an American feel to it than a British one, which is a nice change of pace, of course, for a British band. It almost seems to draw a lot of inspiration from modern contemporary country, more than anything else, especially in the intro and verse

The end of the verse builds up with more distorted guitars and the vocalist pushing his voice slightly more, the more power and gravel to it sounding amazing. It soon explodes into a huge sounding chorus, complete with some John Frusciante style guitar work and some just all around great instrumentation. The vocals are awesome, too, sounding massive and having the advantage of sounding super catchy. It’s 100% going to be stuck in my head for the rest of the day now.

Another great verse and chorus follow before the song drops down to just the beautiful guitar chords for a moment. When the drums come back in suddenly we get some rap vocals too, giving it some pretty heavy 21 Pilots vibes and injecting the song with some much needed attitude. It then again builds up into a final awesome, huge chorus before the song finishes.


Overall, I really enjoyed this song! While I did wish at times that the band would go a little harder like their other singles, this was perfect for what it was trying to be, inoffensive pop/alt rock. These guys have a VERY bright future if they keep on like this and, honestly, 2021 might be their year!

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The review by musician, blogger & author – Joe Griffiths

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