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Laura Rain and the Caesars are a funk/soul/blues/R&B (varied, I know!) group from Detroit. Releasing their debut album, Electrified, all the way back in 2013, the band have released three albums since then, the last being Walk With Me in 2017.

The band have toured extensively across the US and Canada throughout the last seven years and, on new years eve of 2020, dropped a new single, Closer to the Win. It is this single I shall be checking out today and I am going in blind, not having heard any of their previous work. So, join me in checking them out!

Closer to the Win

The song opens slowly, with some simple clean guitar chords and a basic drumbeat. Laura also comes in immediately with high, soulful vocals, a nice contrast to the rest of the music. It definitely feels like soul or easy listening music so far! In fact, the whole song stays around the same sort of level and tempo throughout, though that isn’t really an issue with this sort of music. It’s music that you put on to relax and chill out while listening to, a callback to an older style of music that is mostly forgotten about in the mainstream these days. Would it have been nice to have some sort of change up in it at some point? Sure, but that’s more for my selfish reasons of wanting something to be able to write this review about more than anything. There isn’t a great deal going on in this song but that’s completely fine, it still sounds awesome! Everyone in the band is doing a great job, too, from Laura’s insane, high vocals to some awesome and subtle guitar work behind her.

Overall, this was very good. Even though this is a short little review, don’t let that take away from the talent of this group. They have crafted a great, catchy soul song and have prompted me to want to go and check out some of their older stuff. I also cannot wait to hear if an album will be following the single!

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The review by musician, blogger & author – Joe Griffiths

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