Liam Gallagher – All You’re Dreaming Off

Liam appeared on the Jonathan Ross Show last Saturday night, on itv 9.35pm, to promote his latest single, All You’re Dreaming off. Before he and his band took to the stage to perform it, however, he had a quick sit down interview with Ross, talking about the process of creating the single, as well as the rumours last year of an Oasis reunion.

The talk begins around the song, with Ross stating how it has a slight festive feel to it and Liam admitting that it wouldn’t work coming out in any other month, so it’s kind of his Christmas song? He also drops the news that the proceeds from the song are going to charity, really great news and a reason to buy/listen to the song no matter what it sounds like. Liam stays humble throughout (uncharacteristic for the Gallagher name), giving credit to his other co-writer of the song as well as saying he was just appreciative of the chance to go back into the studio, as well as all the charity stuff. He states that he is self confident, sure, but says it more in the way of he doesn’t care what people think of him, he’s had his career and now just wants to enjoy himself.

Liam will be headlining TRNSMT Festival in 2021

The talk of course swiftly changes to the prospect of an Oasis reunion, though. In typically characteristic fashion, Liam doesn’t seem sold on the idea at all. The way he sees it is Oasis achieved everything they could in their short tenure as a band, so he sees no urgent need to go back to that, he’s happy to gain new achievements in his solo work instead. He does go on to say that when the rumours first started circulating that he was entertaining the idea, given that the band were offered a whopping £100 MILLION for a reunion tour. However, he reveals that his brother, Noel, is the one that ultimately turned down the offer. He delves a little bit into the long-running sibling rivalry between the two, saying that he hasn’t spoken to his brother about anything in awhile, but admits that both of them are the problem and that as soon as Noel admits that too, they could potentially start to reconcile.

Liam then concludes the interview by saying that it was actually the wealth of tribute bands to his former band that got him back out making music again. The success of bands like Noasis, Oasish and Oasisn’t (man, I love tribute band names!), playing to up to 20,000 people at festivals around the world while he was sitting at home doing nothing made the man want to finally get out and do what he loved again.

As for the song itself, it definitely sounds a little festive! Starting with a horn quartet before a sole piano comes in to drive the song forwards. My hatred of Liam’s voice aside, he does a good job here, his voice sounding just as powerful and controlled as ever, especially live. The chorus is surprisingly catchy too, easy to sing along to which is always good news for a slower song. A string section kicks in later on too, alongside some simple, clean guitar chorus that follows the piano’s root notes. It all adds so much depth and beauty to a simple yet very effective song. Especially during the last chorus, the orchestral instruments building up more and more into a great crescendo. My only couple of gripes with it is that it’s a little repetitive, while the orchestra behind the band builds up and up, Liam’s actual band don’t do much at all, keeping the song around the same level as it plods along through, making it feel kind of boring by the final chorus. It could have done with changing up a little at some point. However, who needs an Oasis reunion when Liam is still releasing music at this quality and almost the same sound, anyway!

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