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LG tweeted out on social media ‘Festivals in general c’mon you f#cking know LG x’ Confirming his intension to perform live in 2021 and sending out a positive sign, some of Britain’s major festivals, will go ahead.

Liam Gallagher social media announcements, to twitter and his facebook page, more than raised hopes of fans, who had been led to believe that festivals were being cancelled as the Govt voted to extend lockdown restrictions for 6 months, until September.

List of Festivals LG will be performing at in 2021

Liam Gallagher, or completely known as William John Paul Gallagher is a well-known artist in the music industry since the year 1991. Born in Manchester, England, Liam became popular when he started his career as the lead vocalist of a popular band – Oasis.

Liam, invited by a friend (Paul Mcguigan) to join Oasis, made a good start to the band. It was during a performance at Glasgow in the year 1993, where Alan McGee was captivated by the unique, abrasive manner, and distinct style of Liam’s performance.

From there, Oasis got a 6-album deal with Alan McGee’s Creation records, and from there, Liam’s music career started to flourish. 

But did you know that Liam’s music career did not actually start with being the lead vocals of the Oasis band? Here’s a trivia – Liam actually started with the band called – The Rain.

The Rain
The band started in the late 80’s until 1991. It is a pop and rock band based in Manchester. 

Aside from being the front man of the band Oasis, Liam also shared his talent in composing songs together with his brother Noel Gallagher (who also became a member of the band later on).

Some of the songs Liam wrote are the following: 

· Songbird 

· I’m Outtalk Time 

· Better man 

· Bold 

· Born on a different cloud. 

· Boy with the blues.

Despite the success of Oasis, hitting the top charts and garnering the highest records sales, Oasis later disbanded in 2009 during a tour, and many believed that it was because of the feud between brothers (Liam Gallagher and Noel Gallagher) that led to the end of Oasis.

The Birth of Beady Eye

In just a couple of months after the splitting of members of the Oasis band, this is some time November 2009, Liam told MTV that some of the Oasis band members including him are cooking up something new for their fans. To quote, “Oasis are done, this is something new”, Liam said that fans can expect new records to be released very soon. The birth of the Beady Eye band brought Liam in a whole new perspective and it is said that you can say that Liam has full confidence that Beady Eye will do a lot better than Oasis.

In 2010, Liam was awarded by the Q Magazine as the Best frontman of all time. This award probably motivated him to push through what he was doing, and sooner than expected, in November of the same year, Liam and the members of the Beady Eye released their debut single called – Bring the light. The full album was released in February of 2011 called – Different Gear, Still Speeding. In October of 2014, the Beady Eye disbanded, leading Liam to go solo.

Liam’s love for music is no doubt to be true and genuine. He continues to prove his excellence and distinct style up to this day. He just released a single called – “All you’re dreaming of”, a stand alone single where all proceeds are going to the Action for Children charity.

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