Lockdown 2

A calamity in the making

Now we have entered into lockdown 2 and its now under way. We won’t go to the point of the timing of lockdown, bonfire night/weekend and the revenue (£350m), which is generated or the number of businesses, which will of lost a huge pay day in the calendar as a result of the ill timed, if somewhat contrived lockdown.

We have already seen the the Govt has thrown £12Billion at an ineffective excel spread sheet, to a company without any experience in track n trace or software development, not to mention the mere fact, the directors are govt cronies. In the process, Rishi and Boris, gave a massive two finger salute to the arts and culture industry. Namely music festivals , live venues & concerts, when allocating funds, which in comparison, is a measly £1.7Billion to an industry which employed around 370,000. All these people employed contribute to the annual income of £8billion in that sector.

Whilst some politicians might smugly, give themselves a pat on the back for championing some kind of rescue package in gravity of what is happening, this is nothing more than scraps thrown on the table. 370,000 is a huge number of livelihoods to gamble with and its likely, a large number will end up being unemployed, many with limited options open to them, if they are lucky, might end up stacking supermarket shelves, working tirelessly for less than a liveable wage. The reality is most will be made long term unemployed and unlikely to ever return to the industry, occupation they love with a passion, ever again as a result of the govts lack of real support.

Whilst we have a govt which favours cronyism and corporate control, there is never going to be any real bail out, or support to industry and that which is, will go to organisations favoured by the establishment. The independents and self employed are going to be considered collateral and expendable. Unless something happens and govt reassess the bail out package and extend it for this next wave of lockdown, the future is going to be extremely bleak.

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