Presidential Election – Trump v Biden

The final stages of the Presidential election campaign, comes to its final hours, will Donald be TRiUMPhant?? – Gaga hopes not!

Lady Gaga tells audience, ‘now is your chance to vote against Donald Trump, a man who believes his fame gives him the right, to grab one of your daughters, mothers, sisters or wives by any part of their bodies (ref: to allegations of a taped recording in which trump brags ‘grab them by the pussy, they like that.’), vote for Joe Biden, he is a good man’ With the Election coming to a head today in its final stages, the heat is being turned up to scorching point, the candidates are raising the bar and Joe Biden as enlisted the assistance of some heavy weight celebrities, the democrats are attempting to singe the Republicans high brows.

Will this statement by Lady Gaga, who has a social media following of 44.5million on Instagram, be enough to help swing voters in the favour and is it the place of the celebrity, who herself uses sex to sell music, its not like she as the right to take the moral high ground. Some might think she is part of the problem of why women suffer from unwanted sexual harassment.

Its not our place to judge, merely to ask a question.

Whichever candidate is successful in their presidential campaign, it is hoped that this adopted disaster style politics, used as a tool by the elite and media outlets to divide people, disappears like the bad smell its become.

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