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K Koke is a british born hip hop/rap artist who’s been active for quite some years now. While not yet having released a full length album, he has so far released two EPs and four ‘mix tapes’, alongside a whole slew of singles. While he is not quite a huge household name yet (I hadn’t heard of him until I was asked to check out the song), he is currently signed to Universal and has hundreds of thousands of monthly listens on streaming platforms, as well as a top 20 single back in 2013 with Lay your Weapons down, feat Rita Ora.

While KK is clearly a well liked, successful artist, that isn’t the big reason for this review. No, that reason instead is because a week ago now, he released his latest single, Kokespiracy Theory. In the song, alongside the accompanying video, Koke raps a whole lot about the UK’s current situation dealing with lockdowns and the horrible Covid 19. However, instead of talking about the virus itself, he decides to go down the path of the somewhat widespread panic the media has created, or rather the conspiracy theories that have arisen because of said panic. It has definitely made for an interesting read and visual, I can promise you that! Follow me as I dive into it all a little deeper, if you dare!

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Firstly, let’s talk about the overall music quickly before we dive into the lyrics and video. I’m not particularly a fan of the modern British rap style, basic, almost nothing beats in which to rap over, but this was fine, I guess. It served the song well, providing a solid, steady beat for Koke to rap over and do his thing. However, outside of the simple, programmed drums and the sampled choir voices in the background, there was really nothing much to it. It was merely a vehicle in which Koke could drive his lyrics home with. Also, the song structure was kind of all over the place here, though I guess if I wanted to dust off my old school English Literature skills and analyse this to death, that may very well be the point. There isn’t much along the ways of a chorus, the two verses are split apart and book ended by video clips, two parts of a ‘scientist’ who claims she worked with the virus at the start and tries to warn people, and even a clip from the Covid South Park episode that serves as the beginning of the entire song. It’s just these and two verses, but honestly it kind of works in Koke’s favour, I think it makes his message a lot clearer than it would have been had he used a traditional, more catchy song structure.

So, here we are, onto the lyrics. As I said before, the clip from South Park immediately sets the tone for the type of song it is, and the lyrics carry the subject on perfectly. Whether it’s calling lockdown ‘modern day slavery’, calls of ‘the truth ain’t advertised’ and the fantastic lines ‘Covid had a pattern, they knew before it happened’ are all particular highlights to me. However, the whole song is a highlight really. I would have taken it seriously too, and may have even been a little ticked off, if I hadn’t watched the video at the same time. The song is clearly made to take the piss, with the rapper stood in a room full of newspaper clippings and pictures of people ranging from Bill Gates to even 2Pac. Heck, the man even goes as far as to rap in a cap wrapped in tin foil, for christ sakes! Thank god he puts as much in his disclaimer at the start, too, in the hope that anyone who didn’t pick up on the humour does understand it, at least. However, the whole presentation combined is excellent, drawing multiple laughs out of me throughout.

Overall, this was great. For someone who has never heard any of his stuff before, it has prompted me to go and check out his older work and, honestly, I think he’s turning me into a bit of a fan! It was the kind of laugh I needed when it came down to this topic, as it has been for the most part, understandably doom and gloom. Check this out if you have a spare five minutes, it’s well worth it!

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The review by musician, blogger & author – Joe Griffiths

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