Goodbye Yellow Brick Road (cover)

Yellow Brick Road was written by Bernie Taupin music composed by Elton John for the album and performed by Elton John in 1973.

Sara Bareilles

Sara Bareilles is a singer songwriter, actress, producer. with many accolades to her name since making her mark in the music industry.

Her debut studio album Careful Confessions was released in 2004 The second album Little voice 2007, with the hit single Love Song, earning Sara two Grammy Award nominations, including ‘song of the year’. Kaleidoscope Heart is the third studio album with another Grammy nomination, for the track ‘King of Anything’.

When she covered iconic song, Elton said himself, it was the best cover version he had heard and we agree with elton. Sara has an impeccable pitch and the range of singing and talent is incredible. A truly gifted musician, who did the song proud.

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