Up Yours Rishi Sunak!

In light of the comments issued about the creative industry, by the Chancellor Rishi Sunak, telling actors, artists, musicians, they should seek employment outside the creative industry and retrain in order to make themselves viable to employees, prompted a social media outrage. There have been much said about an industry, which contributes to the economy more than £80Billion pound and unlike the super rich, these small time musicians and actors contribute to the tax system.

His statement was nothing less than a kick in the teeth for the industry and will no doubt leave an impact that will likely never recover, sadly to its determent. This government wants only a nation of ant like workers, working tirelessly in dead end jobs for minimum wage, which pays way below the cost of living, making money for elite of society and the govt, to whom will then suck the system dry.

Each year it is conservatively estimated that £80billion (realistically £250 Billion) in tax avoidance, leaves the united kingdom and is stashed in offshore holdings by wealth hoarders, never to see the British economy, ever again. Yet instead of clamping down on this illicit practise, the govt continues to enable tax avoidance and encourages corrupted practises by big business and a few super wealthy individuals whom are the real power in this little island of ours.

As long as the govt is open to corruption and implementing bad practise, then the rest of us will continue to suffer in what is seemingly appearing to be a ‘planned recession’. If this is not the case, they are not doing much to convince us otherwise.

It is with pessimistic hope, that maybe the damage done by this horrible govt, which seems hell bent on implementing disaster politics as the new norm, will be temporary and that the arts will recover, Said with not much hope at that. The way forward would be to remove these corrupted conservatives, have the collaborators exiled and their businesses and assets ceased and nationalised. Opinion.

We end with a fitting response from musician Isaac Hughes Dennis, who composed a little ditty to Rishi.

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